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It’s such a quite, a holy day
An evening focusing on Gerhart Hauptmann

soprano: Alexandra Lachmann
guitar: Elke Jahn
reading: Uli Hoch

We focus on some of the less known writings of Gerhart Hauptmann.
His poems, lines from the Baltic island of Hiddensee, short notes and rhymes express his love for nature, wine and travel, show a whole different side of the author otherwise associated with sociocritical drama.
These texts depict Hauptmann as a sensitive observer of nature capturing impressions and intertwining them with his own state of mind, very much like a romantic poet.
Focusing around the same themes, Hauptmann seems to be kindred in spirit with J.v. Eichendorf.
The romantic songs chosen for this program lead us from C.M.v. Weber and R. Schumann to B. Britten and M. Castelnuovo Tedesco.
The setting of Hauptmann’s poems by his contemporary composer R. Kahn is a real discovery.

Projekt Es ist so ein stiller, heiliger Tag


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„...das festliche Ambiente wird gefördert durch die exzellente gesangliche Begleitung der Erzählung. Alexandra Lachmann agiert hinter der Bühnenwand, bettet den Text(...) in bekannte Weihnachtslieder ein.“

Die Weihnachtsreise
Wolfsburger Nachrichten, 21.12. 2009


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